The Wonder Juice : Pomegranate Juice
May 17, 2017

The Wonder Juice : Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice comes with amazing perks. It is not only delicious for the taste, but definitely worthwhile for your body. It makes it even wonderful, since it is easy to find at the local market store or simply buy pomegranate juice online; ready to be served. Here are some of the best kicks you will get from drinking what is also known as a beet juice.

Pomegranate Juice Health Benefits For Men & Women

1. Helps To Lower Your Blood Pressure

Hypertensions can cause serious effect to your body. Without proper prevention or containment will lead to high risk of disability or even fatal heart attack. Research found that to get your blood pressure under control, one needs to consume extensive amount of fruit and vegetable juices. Fresh pomegranate juice have become a strong subject for studies over the past few years and recent clinical trial as reported in University Health News Daily, discovered that as little as 2 ounces of pomegranate fruit juice a day could lower down hypertension aside from improving one’s cholesterol levels. This could be a significant relief for you if you are facing with blood pressure problems because by drinking occasionally, it will surely help to keep your heart in a good state and remains that way for more years to come.

2. Helps Detoxifying Your Body System

At the end of the day, your body needs dexoficiation from all the stress and toxins jumble up in your body. Due to the methionine and glycine betaine that can be found in fresh pomegranate fruit, it is a suitable fighting factor to clean your body system. Whether in a form of simple juice or smoothie, the sweet and juicy taste can eliminate the damaging toxins flowing in your body system that could cause important organs malfunctioning like kidneys or intestines. Disregarding to constantly detoxifying your body system could lead to more than just internal body discomfort. Pomegranate juice have always been known to be the antioxidant drink and it would be best to live up to it.

3. Helps To Protect Premature Aging

health benefit of pomegranate juice

Aging is a mutual enemy of mankind. With the change of how fast the world seems to be turning and how busy each day gets, being old is not when you are 80 years old anymore. You can start showing aging signs from as early as 20 years old. Although factory-generated products are flooding the stores and some might be useful while others could turn into a complete disaster, all-natural fruit turned out to be quite a life-saver and it is 100% mother nature’s own breed. One of pomegranate juice health benefit is in fact to prevent premature aging. It contains lycopene that does amazing job in rehabilitating the skin by neutralizing free radicals and protects the skin from radiations from the sun. Drink down few ounces of juice every day and radiance is all there is to it.

4. Helps To Prevent Cancer-Threats

Cancer have been one of the leading cause of death worldwide. Numerous attempts are continuously made into finding the best cure for it. The uniquely chemical composition of antioxidant tannins and flavonoids found in pomegranate fruit have promising benefits on cancer therapeutic effects in a 2014 study by Deeba N. Syed, et. al. Although further tests was needed to be assured but the anti-cancer effects from pomegranate fruit can be found highly beneficial for prostate cancer, skin cancer, photocarcinogenesis, colon cancer and colonic inflammation. It is a promising preventive measures that one can digest regularly to help serenade the body system to feel more at ease.

5. Helps To Improve Digestion System

Drinking freshly-made pomegranate can also help improving your digestion system along the way.  You can not only gain the benefit of comforting your stomach from its juice, but pomegranate’s bark and leaves could also come in handy to do the job. Fresh pomegranate juice made to be the best digestive relief drink because of its B-complex vitamins that helps transforms fat, protein and carbohydrates into solid energy. According to Dr. Gabriel Cousens, one fruit provides 11 grams of fiber that can help the transition of food in your stomach system to digest swiftly and smoothly. You can take it as fresh juice or a smoothie, both types will give you the same relief your stomach will appreciate.

6. Helps To Fight Off Inflammation

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Research findings recorded in Journal of Inflammation have suggested promising benefits to relieve inflammation to one’s body system. Inflammation can turned into one bad chapter in your life if leave unattended to, as stated in the same journal, it can be linked to various serious conditions like heart disease, osteoporosis, cognitive decline, type-2 diabetes and arthritis. Due to its rich source of antioxidants compound; punicalagins and punicalins, which wards off the discomfort caused by inflammation in your body system. Betaine that can be found in the juice is also a powerful shield to reduce inflammation.

7. Helps To Boost Body Energy

Another reason why pomegranate juice is a wonder juice because of its ability to level up your energy source to keep you up and about throughout the day. These days, energy is like oxygen, we have places to go, people to meet, things to do and deadlines to keep. If you are afraid that sugar-contained energy drink will give you more than just energy, you can opt for more natural fruit juice like the prominent traditional beet juice. It is also a good prior-workout drink to get your juice running before shredding some muscles and sweats. It is widely known how this specific juice can boost energy and it is a keeper to those who are constantly in need of energy to go about their days ahead.

8. Helps To Lower Blood Sugar

Hyperglycemia - if not treated well, can be a dangerous condition. If you find yourself having increased thirst, headaches, trouble concentrating, blurred vision, frequent peeing, fatigue, weight loss or blood sugar level more than 180 mg/dl, you might be looking at early symptoms of hyperglycemia. This condition usually come unannounced but once it is there, you have to take precautions to ensure no harm can come to you. Drinking fresh pomegranate juice can help curb your high blood sugar from crossing the danger zone.

9. Helps To Improve Sexual Performances

Satisfying the sexual need of you and your partner can be tricky sometimes. Avoid the usual viagra and pills to boost up the romance in your life because there are known side effects that could destroy it all in a long run. What people did not realize is,  fruits and vegetables could also help keep the love boat rocking. Fresh pomegranate juice is one of the key to the throne. It is also known as “Superfood” to increase one’s testosterone and sperm quality, plus increases sexual drive for both sexes. Research done in Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh claimed that pomegranate juice gives an average increase by 24% for testosterone level with mood improvements for both sexes too. How much do you need to get your romance going? Just one full glass of pomegranate fresh juice.

10. Helps To Improve Eyesights

Pomegranate’s bark, flowers, fruits and seeds are the well-known beneficial remedies to improve your eyesight and the well-being of your eyes. Weak eyesight is a common problem for those who walked the earth, especially now with the existence of technologies and such, glasses are being sold like half-discount buffet coupons. You can place 30 gram of beet juice under the sunlight for couple days. When it becomes dense, you can save the residue in a glass container and blow into your eyes, using a little pipe or something similar and easy to be directed to your eyes. With practise being made regularly, it can surely improve your eyesight better than before.