March 05, 2017

Eat a healthier breakfast to manage diabetes and body weight naturally

According to WHO (World Health Organization), obesity is the biggest health risk worldwide. This is not from scaremongers or vendors trying to con the public into buying products. It is the reality.

The following countries rank the highest in obesity rates:

1. Nauru: 94.95
2. Micronesia: 92.10
3. Cook Islands: 91.85
4. Niue: 83.80
5. Samoa: 82.60
6. Palau: 80.85
7. United States: 78.60
8. Tonga: 77.15
9. Kiribati: 76.60
10. Dominica: 75.80

These rates correspond closely to the highest rates of diabetes and other diseases among countries.

On the other hand, some of the least obese countries (taking into consideration poverty and standard of healthcare), such as Japan, Korea and Singapore, are enjoying the best longevity.

Of course, this situation is quickly changing as well. Singapore is shifting from being one of the least obese countries to having much higher rates. High standards of healthcare and affordability have helped, but things can easily worsen if efforts are not made to break this trend. Thus, our forward-looking government declared a war on diabetes last year.

At the same time, it is wrong to expect the government to solve all of society’s problems. Each individual must work for the future of personal health and family wellbeing.

Among contributing factors, food and nutrition is the most critical for two reasons: (1) food & nutrition directly influence health; (2) this is an area over which individuals have the most control—genes, life style and living environment are not so easily adjusted.

Among the three meals, breakfast is the one over which you have the most control, whereas lunch and dinner are commonly settled in food courts, coffee shops and restaurants.

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