Power Meal

Oats is universally recognised as one of the healthiest grain. PomeFresh went further to make an oatmeal even more powerful by infusing omega-3, antioxidants and fibre in a breakfast with only 100 Calories. It is the healthiest oatmeal and it is simply gorgeous for people who want to manage their body weight, blood sugar level and bowl movement.

Why is PomeFresh Oatmeal Good for You?

Below are the top 4 benefits you can derive from eating a delicious and healthy bowl of Otrimix porridge:

  1. Eating oatmeal can lower cholesterol and reduce risk of heart attack. Soluble fibre in oats porridge can remove LDL (bad cholesterol) and maintain good cholesterol that your should target to maintain.
  2. Fibre in oatmeal can slow down your digestive progress significantly. You can control your body weight by discouraging over eatting.
  3. It is convenient and easy to prepare. You can prepare oatmeal just in a few minutes by adding water or juice and other ingredients with or without heating
  4. Based on numerous studies, oatmeal can reduce high blood pressure.

Otrimix Oats Porridge uses ingredients such as organic oats, organic ground flaxseed, konjac (konnyaku) fibre and powerful grapeseed antioxidants.  It is a meal with low calories but packed with beneficial minerals, fibre, omega-3 and health-boosting antioxidants. 

Otrimix is an ideal meal for diabetes as it is remarkably low GI (glycemic index).  Its high fibre (more than 5g per serving) will help people who are annoyed constipation.  With less than 100 calories yet make one feeling full will certain welcomed by people who want to achieve better body weight.
Otrimix is a simple but power meal for healthier breakfast!