Organic Juice

Why PomeFresh Organic Juice?

It is simple: 100% pure and certified organic!  Superior nutrition and high quality produces are surely good for our body. 

PomeFresh supplies organic pomegranate juice, organic bilberry juice and mulberry juice.  All PomeFresh natural juice are squeezed from wildly grown fruits in European mountains. We take great pride in using fresh organic material as we are obligated to produce the highest quality organic juice for Singapore consumers like ourselves.

PomeFresh Pomegranate Juice is the Original Pomegranate Juice in Singapore.  We pride for it is the unique juice that is:

  • 100% Juice with Exotic Celebrated Taste
  • Juiced from the entire fruits – retaining the most original goodness
  • Packed with Antioxidants and Potassium
  • Drink to your heart’s content!
  • Enjoy wellness for the whole family

Maximum Benefits Can Only Come From 100% Pure Juice Squeezed Out of Wildly Grown Whole Fruits!

PomeFresh (鲜然) 品牌的果汁有什么独到的特点?
PomeFresh 果汁的独特之处体现在一下几个方面:



  • 100% 原汁——不是由浓缩汁加水稀释而成
  • 100% 天然——不加糖!不加防腐剂!不加色素!不加香精!
  • 100% 纯汁——不加任何其它果汁
HEARTILY GOOD PACKAGE - PomeFresh Organic Pte Ltd
$186.00 SGD $200.40 SGD
FIBRE-UP PACKAGE - PomeFresh Organic Pte Ltd
$148.00 SGD $163.40 SGD