December 26, 2015


Food is not medicine. Food is food – you can take in any conventional way at any time you please.

But food can be closely linked to medicine. This is especially true in Chinese or Eastern context. In Chinese medicine, meditation and practice for well-being, food is featured prominently. The old saying goes: food and medicine are from the same source (药食同源); sickness is from the mouth (病从口入)。 They are age old wisdoms but are still valuable philosophy as good guidance to maintenance of health and well-being.

Food is better than medicine.

If one has an acute condition, you should run for your doctor and take medication and follow through faithfully. But if you are in a sub-healthy state – you are not ill but also not in pink of health. What should you do?

Make exercise a priority. We don’t recommend excessive or over exercising. Moderate exercise can be beneficial for your physical and mental health and is always necessary to maintain health and well-being.

Make a determined effort to change your lifestyle: stop smoking, relief your stress –put your body and mind into a more balanced state.

Take care of what you eat. Learn more about food and nutrition, get to know what food is beneficial for your body – especially if you have a specific condition which you want to take care of through food.

Food is the best leverage to maintain balance, health and well-being.

Food nutrients can be categorized into seven groups: carbohydrates, fats, fiber, minerals, protein, vitamins, and water. Scientific researchers have lately discovered that other micronutrients including antioxidants and phytochemicals play vital roles in maintaining health too.

In our view, the general population living in metropolitan cities is having huge imbalance in their diet: they consume too much carbohydrates, fats and protein, yet not enough minerals and vitamins. Many have started taking mineral and vitamin supplements to correct the deficiency of those nutrients.

We believe that consuming more of those nutrients through delicious meals is an easier and more natural way.

The awareness of Good Fat vs Bad Fat, Good Protein vs Bad Protein is still low. Fat is probably one of the least understood nutrients of all. The general belief is that fat is bad. The hate for fat has overwhelmed the fact that it is essential for life! Fat is everywhere in our body. It is the main element of our brain and protects every organ. The desire for a slim silhouette and the misconstrued function of fats has given fats a bad name.

Scientifically, fats are critically important to life and well-being. There are Good Fats and Bad Fats. On top of that, some fats can be manufactured by our body and some can not. Those which are needed by our body and yet can’t be manufactured are called Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). There are two families of EFAs: ω-3 (or Omega-3 or n−3) and ω-6 (Omega-6, n−6).

We believe that a vast portion of the city population is critically deficient in their intake of Omega-3, Antioxidants, Fibre, Minerals andVitamins.  We develop, make and distribute foods that are rich in those nutrients.