Phlegm Buster Tea for smoother breathing and better sleep
July 01, 2020

Phlegm Buster Tea for smoother breathing and better sleep

A week ago, we introduced our GOOD EYES TEA – herbal tonic for the tired, tearing and irritated eyes in the age of humongous screen time. We received a lot of positive feedbacks.  The feedback does not come as a surprise as this is an age-old proven recipe. What we were doing is to share the info and make it easy for you to give it try.

We also received feedback from another group who don’t believe in TCM or traditional healing.  For these group of readers, we have a blog to share.  You may read it from the Blog section on our Website.

This week, we introduce another herbal tea that is a powerful remedial for phlegm problems.

When we have a cold or flu, we often have phlegm in the throat or lung. It is irritating and make us feel uncomfortable.  You need to fight through the course with medication and rest.  Phlegm is usually cleared as soon as we get well. 

It is also a common situation when you feel well but the phlegm simply can’t be cleared totally.  Some people my have lung conditions or allergies causing chronic phlegm.  Phlegm irritates and affects quality of life. Often, phlegm occurs at night and makes it hard to have quality sleep.

Phlegm clearing medication works well but requires long term use in some cases. For these who do not feel like being hooked on medication, you can try herbal healing.  Our CLEAR THROAT TEA is based on a unique orange breed which is charred and aged to achieve potency.  Believe or not, you can always simply brew it as a tea – it hydrates yet gives the relief that you are looking for.  

With just a sachet, you can brew and drink for a day.  A week’s consumption will give you the answer on its efficacy. Order here now!