How to prepare Otrimix Instant Light Meal
September 04, 2021

How to prepare Otrimix Instant Light Meal

Otrimix is a high fibre low calories instant light meal formulated to make you feel full longer with lesser calories ingested. It is a perfect meal for managing body weight.  Its medium GI (Glycemic Index) of 64 makes it diabetic friendly.  For these who have experienced it, Otrimix promotes smooth and regular bowel movement that is essential to health and wellbeing.    

What makes Otrimix unique is its high amount of soluble fibre which is the true cleanser and help to detox the body.  Soluble fibre dissolves quickly and absorbs larger amount of water.  It can become lumpy. 

Here we show you how to prepare it without being bothered by the lumpy food. 



The key point is to use ambiance or cold water to start.  Let it be well mixed before adding hot water.

Actually, you don’t have to use hot water to prepare Otrimix Instant (Red).  A healthy way to prepare it is to use 100% Pure Organic Juices.  Even chilled juice can be used to prepare Otrimix Instant.  In this case, you will hardly experience lumpy issue. 

Otrimix is formulated as a 100% pure natural light meal: no additives, no coloring, no preservatives, no flavor, no dairy or creamer.  You taste it as pure and raw.  Once you are used to the taste, you will enjoy the naturalness and real benefits.