How Different Can an Oatmeal Be?

March 28, 2018

How Different Can an Oatmeal Be?

National Oatmeal Day?

October 29 is designated as National Oatmeal Day in the United States.  Why did the Americans accord such an importance to oatmeal?  Well, being one of the largest producers of oats could be one reason.  Most importantly, more Americans are starting to realize the importance and the great benefits of having oatmeal in their diet. Research has shown a strong link between declining fibre intake and a rise in incidences of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.  Oats holds the key to reverse this devastating trend. 

More Than Oats Is Needed

Oats contains high fibre, good quality protein and complex minerals such as thiamine, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, selenium, and iron.

We know of no single food which can deliver all the nutrients we need for a healthy living.  That’s why we go an extra mile to make a oatmeal even better by infusing flaxseed, grapeseed and konjac with a precise formulated proportion to deliver a powerful breakfast. 
Flaxseed has a unique composition of Omega-3, 6 and 9.  Most of us know the importance of Omega-3 . However, little is said about the ratio between Omega-3 and 6. This ratio influences triglycerides which has direct implications on heart hearth, metabolism and diabetes risks and has a bigger impact on health.
Grapeseed is rich in one of the most powerful antioxidants; OPC  which is known to be anti-aging and has the potential to protect our heart.  For the same reason, many people consume a moderate amount of red wine regularly.
Most of the high fibre foods are high in insoluble fibre, which helps to bulk up the dietary waste so that toxins can be expelled out from the body quickly.   It is also well known that high fibre food helps in a smooth bowel movement thus easing constipation.
Lesser is known about soluble fibre as it is less common in food.  Soluble fibre, gets to have a deeper interaction with our digestive system (while insoluble fibre mostly travels through the digestive system).  Soluble fibre attaches itself to cholesterol particles and takes them out of the bloodstream thus lowering cholesterol level and the risks of heart disease.  
Soluble fibre slows down blood sugar release and prevents sugar spikes thus reducing the implications arising from diabetes.  

The Leverage Power of NutriLeveltm

PomeFresh Organic invented developed (?) a proprietary formulation using organic whole-grains rich in antioxidants, omega-3/6/9, soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. The proprietary combination of these nutrients at a specific proportion delivers a powerful result our customers will truly enjoy. This precise combination brings out more nutritional benefits than the sum of each individual ingredient. We call it NutriLeveltm – it extends a powerful leverage you can count on for better health. 


In a single sachet, you get:

  1. More than 5g of fibre – more soluble fibre than insoluble fibre

  2. 100mg of Omega-3/6/9

  3. 50mg Antioxidants OPC

  4. More than 90% wholegrain

Even with little over 100 Calories, it is a meal that will keep you feeling full longer.



Otrimix is an oatmeal with a huge difference.   While it is a meal for anyone who wants to eat healthier, we have created Otrimix specially for people with  specific concerns :

  1. Make you feel full longer with less calories – great for weight management

  2. Provide nutritional help to maintain stable blood sugar level – excellent for diabetes management

  3. Promote regular bowel movement to ease constipation - improve health and quality of life

Otrimix can be prepared easily.  Simply pour the contents of the sachet into bowl and stir after adding water, juice, milk or other liquid.  It takes minutes to prepare and consume.  Yet, it can keep you feel full longer than a calories-dense oily breakfast.


Yes, for a limited time, we are giving away this powerful oatmeal to people who want to act on healthier eating NOW.  We are giving away TWO (2) meals free – no gimmick!

 How to Get Two Free Breakfast?

Fill in the simple information and we will email you the collection details. Collection points are located conveniently at Downtown East, Tampines 1, Thomson Plaza, Great World City or Kallang Leisure Park.

 Where Can I Buy It?

We provide free delivery to any location in Singapore when you order from our Website.  You can pay by Paypal, Credit Card or cash upon delivery.

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