December 26, 2015


You have four golden pillars which you can use to balance your health: genetic, nutrition, environment and lifestyle.
There is little you can do about genetics – it is inherited and you don’t have any choice (considering the general Gene therapy is still a far fetch dream).
Everyone of us is urged to do our part for the environment but hardly any change can be felt from an individual’s efforts. We still have to breathe the air filled with pollutants; we have to be dusted by sand storms blown up in the Mongolian desert and be exposed to the sunrays pouring down from the thinning ozone or inhale smoke from wildfire rampage on the Sumatra Island.
It is possible for one to change his or her lifestyle for the better. But as the old saying goes: habits die hard. Anti-smoking campaigns are a fixture in virtually every country. Heavy cigarette taxes has not made much impact on tobacco companies’ almost recession proof businesses. More youngsters are drowning their lonely spirit in alcohol well ahead of the weekends. Those who work long hours virtually have no time for sweaty jogs or any form of recreation. Any increase in bank interest rates send millions of people’s blood pressure up as this means higher instalments for their house or car mortgage loans.  Stress  and lack of sleep are common lifestyle of city dwellers and not much can be changed.
The only thing that you can change with relative ease and quickly is your nutrition intake. Though not always the case, majority of our nutrition is from daily food. That’s right! We believe food is your most powerful leverage that you can use effectively to balance your health! You can change your next meal within hours. It is entirely your choice on what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat. You are what you eat. What you eat has a decisive impact on your inner and outer beauty.

So leverage your food intake now for a healthier living, longer life and brighter days ahead.