December 26, 2015


Today’s city centric living is rapidly moving more people further away from nature as every growing city overrun farms and destroy habitats.   City dwellers are ever inspired to achieve the highest within the shortest possible time. The net result of this lifestyle is that most people are under tremendous pressure and being overstretched for a long period in life.
The most common complaints that city dwellers have may not be escalating costs but stress and lack of rest.
Though the green aspiration is taking hold in our minds and practice, our cities are more polluted than ever and we are unavoidably breathing in and are in contact with more toxins from our living environment.
Stress and pollution are surely not doing anything good to our precious body and its health.
As most of us can’t retreat from the noisy yet exciting city to a tranquil mountain resort or sea side villa to heal our damaged health and seek longevity, we have to find a better way to live and deal with the reality of today’s metropolitan city living.  How can we be more friendly to our body and live for better health while enjoying the modernity, convenience and excitements offered by our cities?
There are four pillars of health and healthier living: genetic, nutrition, environment and lifestyle. If you envision that health is on one side of the balancing beam, the other side is a basket holding the four pillars. The objective of healthier living is to maintain the balance.

That’s not an easy act in today’s city living.   We at PomeFresh aim to help our patrons achieve and maintain that balance. That’s what our products are developed to do for you.