Otrimix for Slimming - Feel Full Longer with Lesser Calories More Nutrition

What’s in it for you?

This is a special meal formulated for people who are:

  • Overweight or wish for a more desired bodyweight
  • Constipated or want to have more regular bowel movement
  • Diatetic - when food directly affect your health and weelbeing

Food makes us fat!  One becomes overweight or obese when he or she:

  • Overeat
  • Lack of exercise
  • Eat too much junk foods – empty calories foods
  • Eat too much fried food
  • Eat too much processed foods;  foods that have been chemically processed and made mainly from refined ingredients and artificial substances
  • Most people know this problem but old habits die hard. After all, what’s life without our favourite food?
    It is also a challenge to eat healthily in food paradise like Hong Kong or Singapore.  A local study done by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board found that half of the population eat out eight or more times a week. Though food in public eateries is tasty, it is usually made at the lowest possible costs.  Making food healthy is usually their last priority.

    Thus, avoiding such food especially if we have no choice but to eat out is not easy.  So, what else can one do to avoid obesity?


    Our body is likened to an input-output system.  If you can’t control the ‘input’ (your food intake), then the next best thing is to make the ‘output’ more efficient.  One major avenue of ‘output’ is fat-burning exercises.  Again, in today’s hectic schedule and sedentary lifestyle, this is a tall order.
    Another avenue for ‘output’ is defecation.  Yes, that’s right.  If you can pass out the excessive quantity and the fat-inducing types of food faster and more regularly, becoming obese becomes less worrying.
    We can’t avoid bad food totally – which makes us fat. However, we can eat a better combination of food that will make you shit efficiently.  That will help you to lose weight and avoid being obese!
    This meal only requires 3-5 minutes to prepare. It is formulated to modify your existing food-intake combination and help you become slim without sweat!

    Critical Nutrients That Make One Fat or Fit

    There is no benefit for not losing some weight and being fit!

    Though many different types of nutrients are needed to ensure a fulfilling and energetic diet, not all nutrients are created equal. Some nutrients have a bigger impact on our health and well-being than others, and some are more critical than others. At PomeFresh, we call these critical nutrients Lever Nutrients. We have identified these nutrients as antioxidants, omega-3, fiber and trace minerals. These nutrients have a profound power over our health and well-being. Another aspect of Lever Nutrients is that they are generally in short-supply in today’s food composition. Our diet pattern further aggregates the problem. The result is that there is a general deficiency among the population in regards to these nutrients.

    The lack of Level Nutrients coupled with over-ingestion of refined carbohydrase, Omega-6 oils and refined sugar make obesity a real issue even in low income countries such as Pakistan and Fiji.

    We, in no means, intend to discriminate against obese people. But we all have to face the reality that obesity brings loads of healthy issues from diseases to mental stability. Obesity, along with Diabetes rates in Singapore and Malaysia are among the highest in the world.

    PomeFresh has invented a proprietary formulation using organic whole-grains rich in antioxidants, omega-3, and soluble and insoluble dietary fiber. The proprietary combination of these nutrients at a specific proportion delivers powerful results our consumers will truly enjoy. This precise combination brings out more nutritional benefits than the sum of each individual ingredient. We have named this discovery NutriLever™.

    The Importance of Bowel Movements!

    Yes, it’s so horrible – how can you talk about feces when selling a food product?

    Well, let's not fool ourselves: waste is as important as food! You may be able to tolerate hunger for a long period of time, but if you need to use the bathroom, you can't control it for long. If it has to go, it must go! On the other hand, you can convince yourself to eat more when you really enjoy the food, but you can't really force yourself to poop when you can't.

    You need to go as regularly as you eat; otherwise, you will have problems. (For more on that, read another article from us by clicking here.) Imagine that you have too much input with too little output. The result would surely be overweightness, obesity and most likely, diseases. Pooping expels excessive nutrients along with body waste. Otherwise, these nutrients are either accumulated as fats or remain as toxins in your body.

    That's why we dare to say that pooping is as important as eating. If you are able to have regular bowel movements, you are far less likely to become overweight or obese. If you can rely on a smooth passing of waste in the loo every morning, so what if you occasionally indulge yourself with one more piece of chocolate or crispy slice of roast duck?

    The problem is that lack of defecation or even constipation is very common nowadays. Some reports shows that 15-20% of the general population suffers from constipation; this is unsurprisingly similar to the rate of obesity. It is not far-fetched to speculate that there is a high degree of intersection between the two segments of the population.

    PomeFresh Instant Otrimix Oats Porridge is the ideal helper!

    When digested, Otrimix based on NutrLever™ can give your body waste a bulking effect, making defecation easier and more regular. Otrimix comes with a intrigue combination of antioxidants, omega-3, dietary fibre and trace minerals. They work together to deliver a levering power to clean out toxin and to nourish.

    The problem with overweight can be managed by changing what you eat!

    We want you to focus on BREAKFAST – the meal that you have the most control!

    We offer you an Instant breakfast which comes with more than 5gm of complex fibre and other goodness which are equally good for better health: Antioxidants, Omega-3 and minerals – all in just about 100 Calories.

    What’s more, it is so affordable! Place your order and give it a try. You will experience the difference within days.

     Otrimix is Oats Plus Plus Plus!  Click to make your order NOW

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