Otrimix Instant Oats Porridge 12 Meals (1 Box)

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  • PomeFresh Otrimix Instant Oats Porridge is an award winning light meal for people who want to eat less for more nutrients. It delivers longer full-feeling but with lesser calories.

    Otrimix is based on a proprietary blend of organic rolled oats, grapeseed , konjac and flaxseed.

    A sachet of Otrimix makes a bowl of porridge packed with:

    • 1000mg of Omega-3-6-9
    • 50mg Grapeseed Antioxidants
    • >5g of Fibre
    • 109 Calories

      Besides the goodness, Otrimix meals comes with:

      • No preservative
      • No colouring
      • No Additives
      • No sugar added
      • No salt added

        It is easy to prepare and can be taken at any time of the day though most people take it as a power breakfast or light dinner.

      • Take one sachet and pour into a bowl/glass. Add about 250ml of liquid and stir well. Your light meal is ready!

        You can use cold, warm or hot water. Some may prefer to use milk or juice. They all go well with Otrimix. It is just a matter of individual preference. If you prefer to have a warm meal, stir the contents of the Otrimix sachet with a small amount of cold or lukewarm water first before adding hot water. Adding hot water first causes the meal to be lumpy.

      • Anyone can enjoy a light Otrimix meal!

        We have formulated Otrimix to make it especially suitable for:

          • People who wish to manage weight through diet (DIET)
          • People who agonize due to lack of regular bowel movement (CONSTIPATION)
          • Meal for diabetic person or those who are concerned about fluctuating blood sugar levels (DIABETIC)


          ***Having said that, we must stress: This is not a cure or supplement for any condition but we believe a suitable diet contributes favourably towards better health and well-being.

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        • 80%以上的完整谷粮-有机燕麦及其他(Wholefood)
        • 5克以上的膳食纤维
        • 1000毫克植物性Omega-3/6/9 50毫克OPC抗氧化剂
        • 100大卡的热量

        也就是说,一份三益粥给您的Omega-3/6/9和OPC抗氧化剂都相当于市面上出售的补充剂各一粒。 它带个您的膳食纤维则多过5粒此类补充剂!与补充剂本质上不同的是, 所有这些营养是以全天然、完整谷粮的形式提供给您的尊体, 而不是经过这样那样化学、物理处理的“胶囊或者片剂”。 我们无比推崇天然、原汁原味, 因为这才是一切有益食品的最基本条件。 100大卡的热量相当于一片面包或者三分之一个小叉烧包带给您的热量。