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  • Legends had that the Allied pilots drink Bilberry juice to sharpen their night vision so that they could bomb Axis targets with greater accuracy during WWII.

    Today, Bilberry juice has become an increasingly popular healthy drink due to its special antioxidants composition.

    PomeFresh 100% Organic Bilberry Juice is juiced from wildly picked bilberry grown in the Caucasus mountains. Our juicing process maintain the maximum integrity of wild berry by keeping it:

    • 100% Pure and Organic
    • Juiced from the whole fruit
    • No sugar-added
    • No preservatives
    • No coloring or flavouring


      PomeFresh juices remain the best value-for-money organic juices for you and your loved ones!

    • Bilberry looks rather similar to its better known cousin, Blueberry. However, They are two different species.

      Blueberry is native to North America and is almost exclusively cultivated. Bilberry is native to Europe and part of Asia and it is mostly wild grown.

      Bilberry differentiates itself for a few characteristics:

      – higher vitamin C content

      – higher vitamin E content

      – very high content of anthocyanin

      The anthocyanins in wild bilberry are visible to the eye as blue and red pigments. While blueberry is white and slightly powdery from the inside, bilberry‘s contents are juicy bluish purple. Anthocyanins are a form of flavonoids, and they have been scientifically proven to be linked with positive health benefits.

        • Rich antioxidants said to be anti-aging – nourishing from within
        • Juice for vision protection


        ***But we have to be clear:: it is a Fruit Juice – not a miracle that claims to be cure or heal! If you have the same belief as we do: food can play a positive role in maintain one’s health and wellbeing, Why not enjoying healthier food regularly?

      • PomeFresh Bilberry juice has a natural sweet taste.

        You can drink a glass of about 250ml once or twice a day. You can drink it at any time of the day. We recommend to drink the juice at a similar time such as breakfast on regular basis.

        Due to its rich and natural nutrients, people may experience mild stomach discomfort when consuming this juice in the beginning. Most importantly, listen to your body and adapt slowly.

        As our juice is 100% pure, some may find the texture ‘very thick’. It is fine to mix it with water or add in ice before consuming.

      • Our juice is lightly pasteurized – no preservatives added. Thus, the juice will turn bad if it is left in room temperature for a prolonged period of time. Keep it refrigerated after opening and consume it within 8-10 days.

        Keep unopened bottles in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. If the safety-cap is popped up, do not consume it.

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      大家对蓝莓, Blueberry, 都比较熟悉。蓝莓多见于北美。Bilberry则只在欧洲及东北亚一些高山寒温地带生长。蓝莓几乎都是由农场耕种的, Bilberry则绝大多数是野生的。Bilberry的中文译名是“越橘” 。

      欧洲人很早以前就把越橘当作一种补品来食用。研究显示,越橘有保护视力,尤其是夜间视力的功能。纯天然越橘中含有高量的天然视紫质和原花色(花色苷、花青素),花青素是一种生物黄酮,具有抗氧化作用,可以协助清除视网膜内有毒的化学物质和自由基。自然医学也常用于它来治疗白内障及糖尿病视网膜病变。 环境污染、过度使用眼睛,以及年龄增长是眼睛损伤和老化的主要原因。

      都市人长期使用电脑和长时间观看电视,都会影响眼睛对环境和物体的灵敏度。热带地区常年的强阳光也可能加快眼睛的老化。加强对眼睛的保护显得更加重要。 宝鲜然有机越橘汁是您保护心灵之窗的天然选择。