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You can also swap bilberry juice 330mL with one of the following (Subject to availability):
  • Plum Juice 330mL – Help digestion and more regular bowel movement

When order, please specify the juice you wish to change using the "Note to PomeFresh" text box during check-out.  You may also send us an email with the Order Number and your instruction to care@pomefresh.com.  

Package is good for 40-60 Days of Consumption


Pomegranate is an ancient superfruit and still very popular today.  Records of its benefits can be traced from religious scriptures to traditional healing recipes. PomeFresh pomegranate juice is from the whole fruit to retain the most nutrients.  Without added sugar, preservatives or coloring, our organic juice is the best in the market. 
  • Nourishing the skin
  • Protect the heart
  • Strengthen prostate
  • Stable blood pressure

…these are some of the benefits cited by many reputable sources.

Bilberry is frequently mistaken for its look-alike cousin – blueberry. Bilberry is mostly wildly grown while blueberry is predominately farmed. Bilberry has more powerful and complex antioxidants.

Bilberry is said to be a powerful tonic for vision, especially to slow down visual functions due to ageing.

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石榴是最古老的健康圣果之一。 从西方古典经文到东方传统医学文献都记载了石榴的各种益处。 宝鲜然纯有机石榴汁不加糖、不加防腐剂和任何色素或者香精。 天天喝一杯, 从外到内的呵护健康。

从各种资料上我们可以看到有关石榴促进健康的功能: 护肤、保心、降压、增强前列腺等。

既健康, 又美味, 何不天天来一杯!

越橘与人们熟悉的蓝莓看起来几乎一样, 但是他们是两种完全不同的水果。 人们热衷于食用蓝莓是因为蓝莓富含抗氧化物。 而越橘所含过氧化物比蓝莓更高。

人们知道蓝莓能够帮助保护视力, 越橘才是保护视力的最强抗氧化剂, 尤其是在减缓老龄给视力带来的伤害方面, 越橘更值得我们常常享用。


  • 桑汁 – 促进血液循环,乌发;
  • 樱桃汁 – 减缓痛风和风湿带来的疼痛和不便
  • 李子汁 – 帮助消化和通顺大便。