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【 BOOK 】4D-Diet: A Layman’s Guide to Food for Delighting, Digesting, Detoxing and Defusing Towards Greater Health & Wellbeing

4D-Diet is a set of principles discovered by Ben Chen who devised practical actions everyone can follow in their daily living easily, with little extra effort or investment.

4D-Diet will help you to:
•Cleanse your body
•Flood your system with critically beneficial nutrients
•Have a healthy gut
•Have a smooth and regular bowel movement
•Shed off excessive body weight
•Move towards optimal vital health markers such as blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol
•Have radiant skin
•Have a consistent and better stamina
•Have a stable and happier mood

4D-Diet is not a crash-diet plan. It is a whole new attitude towards health. Get a copy of this book and get moving towards better health and wellbeing right away!

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