Should People Invest On Organic Food?

When you shops for your grocery in supermarket, you are looking for food to cook and also trying to be health-conscious. So you start to look for foods that labelled with Organic Certified? Vegetables, fruits or even meat and poultry you choose all with organic label.

Are organic foods really good for you? Are they contains more nutritious then conventional foods? Is the price more expensive which means they are safer to eat?
Over the 10 years, organic food and farming is rapidly growing across the world. More and more organic food sellers promote their organic products and selling at a high price. Do the price worth of it? Until now there is no research can prove that organic food is more healthy or nutritious.

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Majority of people confuse with the words “organic”. Organic food actually were defined how the food were created, prepared or raised. Many people think that they buy organic food is because they want to avoid pesticides. In fact, foods that produce by organic farming are still using pesticides to spray on their crops. The truth fact is, they use pesticide and fungicide under the amount usage according to Organic Certification’s standard. Most of the organic farm use pesticides liberally.

There are some people believe that organic food are more nutritious compare to conventional food. According to a research study in UK, nutrition contains in organic food are almost the same with conventional food. Further studies found out that organic foods such as, meat dairy and eggs, have a high level of fats especially trans fat. Whether organic or non-organic, when you purchase food, choose the fresh one. As stated earlier, organic food is about how the food are created, prepared and raised.

The price of organic foods are expensive than conventional food. This is because to have an organic certification is very costly. It takes a lot of time to get organic due to the strict labelling requirements. Furthermore, organic farming means that it needs more labour-intensive and management. The crops takes longer times to produce and the amount can be grown per acre of land are smaller than growing conventional foods.

Some people support organic food because it protects the environment. Some of the people argued that organic food taste better than conventional foods. But there also some people denied of it. Organic farming produces the crops without using synthetic fertilizers which do not risk the soil and underground water. Organic farmers implemented a lot of new techniques to improve the soil. People were saying conventional farmers use tons of artificial fertilizers harm the soil. In fact, conventional farmers also work hard on reduce the use of harmful chemicals and they also compost and manure, rotate crops and grown plenty kinds of crops.

Organic food is not bad, it has own beneficial. If you are on budget, I recommend you no need to follow the trend to spend more money on it. You can continue support organic foods if you are able to afford.