Eat Right to Fight Diabetes & Obesity

The Key to Stable Blood Sugar Level is How Glucose is Being Released from Food into the Blood Stream

Among all the nutrients, carbohydrates are present abundantly in a lot of foods such as rice, pasta. When carbohydrates are digested, energy is delivered as glucose which enters blood stream easily and quickly, raising the blood sugar level. Thus, the easiest way to keep blood sugar level low is to avoid carbohydrates. But avoidance or inadequate intake may impair one’s ability to carry out routine activities as the onset of hunger, fatigue, sweat, mood swings and a rapid heartbeat.

To ensure a stable blood sugar level, one has to be vigilant by checking his level constantly to decide if more or less carbohydrates can be consumer. This process is both cumbersome and tedious and leaves one feeling depressed.

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Not All Carbs Makes one Fat; Good Carbs Takes out Fats

Carbohydrates or carbs are almost seen as a ‘dirty’ word for the health-conscious people. Fortunately, this is not true. We need carbohydrates to survive or live healthily.

Unfortunately, many don’t know that there are different types of carbs. The types of carbs you consume make a lot differences! In fact, most people do not consume enough of certain types of carbs, such as dietary fibre in their diet. The lack of it is the real culprit for many health issues such as diabetes and obesity.

Carbs is the most readily available nutrient for our body as it is converted to glucose quickly so that it can be used by the body to carry out its activities. The downside of this nutrient (as compared to others such as protein and fat) is that they can’t be stored in the body for long. Unused glucose drives up blood sugar level which is then converted into fats. High blood sugar level becomes detrimental when our body is unable to regulate it - that’s how diabetes is developed.

Besides medication, what can a diabetic person do to minimize complications from diabetes?

The answer is to take the right food. Food, carbohydrates in particular, plays a decisive role in managing diabetes risks. Being overweight increases the risk of a person becoming diabetic by multi-folds. You don’t want to eat too much carbs and have them converted into fats that deface your waist. If you are already diabetic or are concerned about having elevated blood sugar level, you want to take the right food that helps to stablise your blood sugar level.

Take the right food that contains carbohydrates which don’t get converted into fats in your body.

We bring you a special meal that contains limited carbohydrates. It comes with a fibre complex coupled with rich Antioxidants, Omega-3 and minerals. In fact, this meal has the precise proportion of all these nutrients that can deliver an impact that is much bigger than their sum.

The Perfect Glycemic Releasing Process

The chart shows that Otrimix does not drive up glucose level suddenly but keeps it at a good level for a prolong period of time.

  • This means that a diabetic person can maintain a stable blood glycose level longer – no spike and plummet like rollercoaster
  • Everyone, whether diabetic or not, will feel full for a longer period of time – if your usual breakfast sustains you to 11 o’clock, you probably will not feel hungry till 1pm or even later if you have Otrimix for your breakfast. This certainly helps to manage body weight!

Otrimix is best suited for diabetics and people who wish to optimize body weight – the right health food without compromising on nutrition!

The right food is one which can regulate the release of glucose – sugar and make it available slowly for a longer period of time. This release pattern is measured by Glycemic Index (GI). A GI of 100 represents pure glucose which can be used by our body straight away. A lower GI indicates that a longer time is needed to make the glucose available for our body.

Consuming more Low GI food is now recognized as a sustainable pathway to combat obesity and achieve stable blood sugar levels for a longer time.

PomeFresh Otrimix Instant Oats Porridge is formulated to release energy slowly and steadily for a prolong period of time:

*Research done by Temasek Applied Research Centre, Temasek Polytechnic in October 2016.

Otrimix is able to achieve such a fine control because it has a special combination of complex fibre, Omega-3, Antioxidants and multiple trace minerals. Most importantly, all of the ingredients are from natural (mostly organic) food – nothing is artificial or heavily processed.

Prepare a Healthy Meal Instantly!

You can prepare Otrimix using a liquid of your choice: milk, juice and water. You can have it cold, at ambiance temperature or warm. Just mix the contents in the sachet with a liquid of your choice. Eat directly or heat it before taking.

We recommend two convenient ways to prepare this breakfast:



  1. Open one sachet of Otrimix and pour its contents into a bowl
  2. If you have, squeeze flax oil into the bowl – 10~15ml, about 1-2 tablespoon
  3. Pour 250ml of PomeFresh Organic Juice into the bowl
  4. Stir the mixture well
  5. Enjoy!
  1.  Open one sachet of Otrimix and pour its contents into a blender
  2. If you have, squeeze flax oil into the blender – 10~15ml, about 1-2 tablespoon
  3. Add 2-3 tablespoons full of plain, unflavoured and unsweetened yogurt
  4. Pour 250ml of PomeFresh Organic Juice into the mixture and blend it for 1-2 minutes
  5. Pour out into a bowl and enjoy!
● If you prefer hot or warm food, use warm water or heated milk.● When you choose other juices, do make sure that you use pure fresh juice (instead of juice made from concentrate); with no added sugar. Also avoid juices which are laced with preservatives and coloring. We recommend PomeFresh Organic Juices. Order the juices here!

What You May Expect to Experience When Taking Otrimix Breakfast Regularly

  • Feel full for a longer time
  • Less cravings for sweet or starchy food
  • More regular bowel movement
  • Smooth defecate
  • More stable blood glucose levels
  • Easier to maintain healthier body weight

With a better breakfast, you are at more liberty to make food choices during lunch and dinner!

That’s an improvement to quality of life.

A food-based control of blood sugar level helps to reduce reliance on medication and may even reduce the complications of diabetes, obesity and other metabolic symptoms.

What’s the harm to give it a try? After all, it is just organic and natural food!

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