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Here are 8 Detrimental Health Effects Due to Constipation

  1. Hard stool pushed out with force can cause skin and tissue damage to the rectum and anus.
  2. Constipation drags down the quality of your sex life! Discomfort and anxiety depress sexual desire. On top of that, frequent constipation may strain muscles around the reproductive organs.
  3. When waste remains inside our body for more than 12 hours, toxin starts to recirculate. Toxins can induce abdominal pain, bloating and even loss of appetite. Retaining toxins over the long-term increases the chances for developing intestinal tumors which, in turn, increases the risk for cancer. Additionally, when toxic gas gets into our nervous system, our memory, attention and reaction functions could be impaired.
  4. Constipation can cause back and chest pains. When a person pushes very hard to defecate, pressure builds on the vertebrate discs. Eventually, this may lead to the collapse of cartilage protecting the discs. When that happens, back pain becomes inevitable! Chronic constipation can also cause the stomach to bloat which is associated with chest pain.
  5. Constipation causes weight gain or weight loss. Input without output naturally causes one to gain weight. Some constipated people choose to overeat in the hope that they can expel more easily and quickly. Unfortunately, this will only cause unwanted weight gain. On the other end of the spectrum, some people avoid eating so as not to suffer the agony of constipation. This can lead to malnourishment.
  6. Although there is no definite link between chronic constipation and colon cancer (the number one cancer in Singapore and many other countries), chronic constipation makes it more difficult to detect colon cancer. Changes in bowel movements are the most obvious warning signs for colorectal problems so chronic constipation cannot be used as an indicator to detect cancer early.
  7. Constipation is seen on faces! That's why we always hear the phrase “constipated face.” Chronic constipation can cause one's face to redden, or to become dull and look older. Constipation can also induce pimples and acne.
  8. Constipation makes one feel unsettled and stressed. Anxiety can flare up easily and a constipated person is usually an angry person.

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Constipation Degrades Quality of Life!

There are many causes for constipation with the most common ones being diet and lifestyle. Lack of fibre in the diet and persistent stress are among the main reasons for constipation. While one cannot change one’s lifestyle so easily, one can change one’s diet with relative ease.

In reality, however, choosing what to eat is not as simple as we think: many Singaporeans eat one or two meals outside their homes daily. You can't refuse your colleagues' invitation to go to lunch and a quick dinner on the way home saves a lot of time.

The problem with shit can be solved by eating the right food!

We want you to focus on BREAKFAST because it is the meal that you have the most control!

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