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Legend has it that earliest wine making can be tracked to 7000BC in China. Wine in the modern form is more believed to be originated from the Mediterranean region around 5000-6000BC. Archaeological evidences were discovered in Georgia, and Italy.

In fact, the earliest wine making in Cyprus can be traced to more than 5500 years ago, even earlier than that in Greece.

The uniqueness we wish to bring to you is the characteristics of our wines.

Varieties of Grapes:

  • Xynisteri - the most important variety in Cyprus which white grape gives exceptionally light white wines.
  • Maratheftiko or Vamvakaki - major category of red grape variety that gives wines with great aging potential.
  • Black - this red variety of grapes thrives on all soils from the most barren giving generally neutral wines. It covers 60% of the Cypriot vineyard.
  • Eyed Red grape - has a small production variety. Wines from this variety of grapes are suitable for aging.
  • Yiannoudi a variety of red grapes, but it’s planted to a limited extent.
  • Promara – a very rare white grape
  • Lefkada – new red variety which was introduced just a few decades ago.

Our wine is certainly not the first wine you have drunk. But we bring to you something different that you would not mind to give it a try.

Our wines are sourced exclusively from Cyprus – the island country stands in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, not far from France, Italy and Greece. While these countries are best known wine regions and very much viewed as the ‘standard of old world wines’, Cyprus wine is a hidden gem among the shining diamonds - To be more specific: a rare precious gem.

Cyprus is one of the places where earliest wine making was known - probably earlier than its better known neighbours.

Cyprus wines are brewed mostly by families scattered in the hills across the island.


The Tsangarides winery is situated in the lovely old village of Lemona. Its here when their Great Great Grandfather prepared the land and planted out the first vineyards, tending and nurturing the fruit of the vine in much the same way as his descendents they do today.

Then, the wine made was primarily for domestic consumption, but slowly, over decades the accumulated knowledge gleaned from travel and education via foreign winemakers has resulted in the wines being acclaimed as one of the best examples of a boutique winery supplying consistently high quality wines for the table.
Kyperounda Winery is situated in the Kyperounda village in Limassol region. The award winning winery opened in 1998 and is run by the Photos Photiades Group. The winery owns a four hectares vineyard which is the highest in Europe with 1400 meters altitude with a micro climate similar to those of Bordeaux in France. Among their wine grapes are Xynisteri, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

The winery is built on three levels in order to take advantage of gravity to move the grape juice in the gentlest possible way. The winery's underground cellar holds two hundred and fifty 225lt oak barrels, in which the wine of Kyperounda matures and develops its finest character. 

Our Heartily Advice - Drink then Don't Drive

If you Drink, Don’t Drive!
This is the first and MOST important advice we wish to give to every customer.

Wine is great. It is the fuel of happiness. It is the lubricant of love. It can also be the cleanser of sorrow and stress. But do not let it be the fire of destroyer. Stay in control of your wine, not the other way around.

We cannot have too much of anything, even if it is the best thing in life. This applies to wine too!!

You do not need to hear from us again that wine is a good source of antioxidants which is scientifically proven to be good to protect the heart and keep our skin radiant. A glass of wine a day can be merry for many. Too much of wine a day can have the opposite effect, especially if one has other conditions such as liver issue, high blood pressure and irregular heartbeats.

In our view, the simple rule we like about wine drinking is: regular consumption in lesser quantity.

Keep It Cool - Storing Your Wine

The best place to store wine is a well-built cellar. That is a luxury that most of us can only dream of in Singapore. Even if one has the space, the climate does not allow you to build a naturally wine-friendly cellar.

Next choice is a wine cabinet. There are many sizes and brands in the market. As long as it is able to keep the temperature and humidity constant, this will suffice.

For casual drinkers, even a wine cabinet may not be necessary if we just have a few bottles from time to time. Your house refrigerator is good enough. House refrigerator’s main compartment’s common temperature is 4C, which is slightly lower than the commonly recommended wine storage temperature: 8-18C. If you are storing large quantity of wine in refrigerator, you may consider to adjust the temperature slightly. Otherwise, it is just fine with the common setting especially if you are just storing the wine for a short period of time.

If the wine is stored at lower temperature, you may remember to let the wine sit under the room temperature for a while before enjoyment. </>

Different wine maker may recommend a different temperature range to store and consume their wines. Unless it is a collectors’ bottle that you are keeping for decades or auction, most wines can be stored around the temperature of 8-18C.

How about leaving the bottles in the storeroom or cabinet? Well, it is not recommended considering our hot and humid climate. However, it will not make much difference if you are just keeping them for short term. For most of the common wines, it will still be as good for enjoyment. You can move it to the refrigerator to cool it to a better temperature before consumption though.

According to The Law - Legal Notice

Under Singapore’s Liquor Control (Supply and Consumption) Act 2015, it is an offence:

- to supply any liquor to a person under the age of 18 years;
- for a person under the age of 18 years to buy or attempt to buy liquor.

No person under the age of 18 will be permitted to purchase wine from PomeFresh Organic Pte Ltd. You admit and ensure that you are at the legal age when you place an order with us.

PomeFresh Organic Pte Ltd is granted with the following license:

Name of Licensee: PomeFresh Organic Pte Ltd
Class 3A Licence No. L/LL/025329/2019/P 

Our Humble Request - Non Halal Notice

We are mindful that we operate in multiple culture and multiple religious Singapore. Some of our customers have no interests in alcohol due to religious or personal reasons. We do not promote alcohol to these customers. It is our commitment to spare no effort to avoid presenting alcohol products to them. Due to constraints of the no-boundary nature of the Web, you may accidentally click on a link that show such products. We do seek your understanding if you stumble on these links accidentally. You may leave the page or site by closing it.

our answers to your questions


What’s so unique about your wines?

Our wines are fermented and aged in the Troodos mountains of Cyprus, an unique location for wine. Cyprus is one of the earliest place where wine making was perfected millenniums ago. Some of the wineries in Cyprus have been in continuous use for a few hundred years. Cyprus has a few unique indigenous grapes which is not found anywhere else in the world. Cyprus wines are as old as the most popular old-world wines. It is as fresh as charming as the new-world wines. Our wines are unique, exotic and certainly worthy of a taste.

How does your wine tastes?

They taste great! As we all know, it is hard to describe a wine’s taste and aroma: nutty, spicy, sweet, dry, fullness…we have a variety that offers to give you all such experience. The only way to appreciate a wine is to drink it.

Are your wines good for long term keeping?

Not all wines can be kept for long term without running the risk of quality deterioration. Please read about the characteristics of each wine when you select.

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MARATHEFTIKO Organic 2017 - PomeFresh Organic Pte Ltd
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