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    You can also swap the plum juice with one of the following:
    • Bilberry – tonic to maintain optimal vision and eye health
    • Mulberry – improve blood circulation and it is considered a tonic for hair
    • Sweet Cherry – best known for helping to reduce symptoms of arthritis and gout.
    Package is good for 40-60 Days of Consumption



    Fibre is the overlooked and under-rated nutrient in our daily diet. Diet pattern for city dwellers today is full of meat; heavily-processed and calories-densed food, all short of fibre.

    Otrimix is an award-winning product which is lightly processed using organic and all-natural ingredients. With only 100 Calories for a full-feeling meal, you get more than 5g of Fibre, 1000mg of Omgea-3/6/9 and powerful antioxidants. Otrimix is formulated specially to support:

    • Blood sugar stabilisation – great for diabetes
    • Regular bowel movement – relief the agony of constipation
    • Body weight management – by eating less but feeling full longer
    • Detox – cleaner and optimal state of digestive system

    Otrimix has a Glycaemic Index of 64 – certified by Temasek Applied Science Research Centre, Temasek Polytechnic. This is a scientific verification of the power of Otrimix.

    It is very easy to consume Otrimix – just add milk, juice or yogurt, stir it and your nutritious meal is ready in minutes.

    Although prune juice may be known for its benefits to help digestion and give relief to constipation, prunes are dried plums! Our plum juice is made from the freshest fruits which are organically grown and without adding any sugar, coloring or preservatives.

    Our Fibre-Up Set gives you a powerful boost of Fibre, Omega-3/6/9 and Antioxidants. Enjoy a cleaner and optimal digestive function in your precious body.


    宝鲜然“三益粥“帮助您摄取更多的膳食纤维, Omega-3/6/9以及强有力的抗氧化剂。 在摄取更低热量的同时, 让您在餐后的不饥饿感保持的更久 - 这无疑是控制体重的最佳选择。

    “三益粥”获得本地健康食品发明奖; 也在世界最大的海湾食品博览会上得到殊荣。在淡马锡理工学院的进行的测试中, 三益粥的升糖指数被确认为64 – 这正说明了三益粥对糖尿病患者以及有瘦身需求朋友的适用性。


    • 排毒瘦身
    • 高血糖、糖尿病患者
    • 习惯性便秘

      将一包三益粥倒入碗里, 加牛奶、果汁或者可菲尔、优格酸奶, 搅均匀, 你的营养餐就好了!

      在这个配套里, 我们配给了20瓶纯天然有机李子汁。李子汁帮助消化, 促进肠蠕动以致缓解便秘的烦恼。



      • 越橘汁 – 保护视力, 减轻老化损伤
      • 桑汁 – 促进血液循环, 乌发
      • 樱桃汁 – 减缓痛风和风湿带来的疼痛和不便


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