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PomeFresh is the leading healthy food delivery services in Singapore. Our approach is to nudge one to eat healthier food which has nutritional power to help us to maintain better health and well-being.   Our message is simple: you have lived and delighted yourself for decades with good and bad food.  If you want to live healthy and happily, it is time to balance between ‘sinful food’ and healthier choices. 

Based on years of study and careful observation, we come to the conclusion that some nutrients are critical and have magnified effects on health and wellbeing. We identified these nutrients as Antioxidants, Omega-3, Fibre and Trace Minerals. These nutrients have profound power and we call them Lever Nutrients or NutriLevel™. 
Another aspect of Lever Nutrients is that they are generally in short-supply in our food composition today.  General diet pattern further aggregates the problem. The result is that there is a widespread deficiency among general population for Antioxidants, Omega-3, Fibre and Minerals.
This is why we focused our offering on four lines of special food organic and health products:

  1. Power meal – meal packed with NutriLevel: Omega-3, Antioxidants, Fibre and Minerals
  2. Organic Juice – Pomegranate, Bilberry, Mulberry, Coconut Water and more
  3. Flax and Fish based Omega-3 Oil and Capsules
  4. Super Food such as Flaxseed, Chia Seed, Olive Leaf Extras

Most of our food products are certified organic and truly natural. We call them “Good Food”.  We believe that such products provide higher nutrition value and benefits. 

Our products are available in leading retailer such as FairPrice, Cold Storage (both are in selected stores), Market Place, NTUC Unity and many organic/health food shops.
To make it convenient, we provide home delivery to any address on Singapore mainland and Sentosa. when you order from our Website. 
Fresh Organic Meal is at your doorstep!  Just a Click Away!

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