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【PomeFresh】100% Pure Organic Mulberry Juice NEVER From Concentrate 1000mLX2 (2 Bottles)

1000mL of 100% organic juice in each bottle. 2 bottles inside the box.

🧡100% Pure and Organic
🧡Juiced from the whole fruit
🧡No sugar added
🧡No preservatives
🧡No coloring or flavouring
🧡Never From Concentrate
🧡Ingredients - 100% Pure Juice from wildly grown fresh mulberries.
🧡More than 1.54kg of mulberries is squeezed into each bottle.
🧡A home-grown Singapore brand trusted since 2006.

✅Drink a glass of about 250ml once or twice a day at any time of the day. We recommend to drink the juice at a similar time such as breakfast on a regular basis. Dilution is optional.
✅Due to its rich and natural nutrients, some people may experience mild stomach discomfort when consuming this juice in the beginning. Most importantly, listen to your body and adapt slowly.

✨Our juice is lightly pasteurized without preservatives added. Keep it refrigerated after opening and consume it within 10 days.
✨Store unopened bottles in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. If the safety cap is popped up, do not consume it.

A unique and popular healthy drink due to its special antioxidants composition.

PomeFresh 100% Natural Mulberry Juice is juiced from wildly picked mulberry grown in the Caucasus mountains. Our juicing process maintain the maximum integrity of wild berries.

We don’t know if silkworm or mulberry was discovered first but we know that the two are intriguingly intertwined. Silkworm is a very delicate creature which only feeds on mulberry leaf.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Mulberry tree bark, leaf and fruits have specific healing functions.
TCM uses mulberry tree bark, leaf and fruits to treat a variety of aliments such as stomach worms, joint discomfort, indigestion and even balding.

For modern folks, we know mulberry juice is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. Such properties are good in promoting anti-inflammation and boost immune system.

PomeFresh juices remain the best value-for-money organic juices for you and your loved ones!

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