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PomeFresh 100% Organic Plum Juice 1 Carton (1L X 8)

  • Everyone knows the benefits of Prunes – it helps one to have regular bowel movement thus eliminate the agony of constipation. Prunes are dried Plums. Plums are the fresh fruits. Plums juices are squeezed from fresh plums. Plum juice is therefore higher in antioxidants.


    Georgia's Natural Plum Juice is made from endemic variety of fruit. It contains vitamins B1, B2, C, P and vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and iron. Also the juice contains considerable amount of easily assimilable sugars (glucose and fructose), organic (malic, oxalic) acids, pectines and nitrous nutritions.

    Certain health benefiting compounds present in the plums such as dietary fiber, sorbitol, and isatin has been known to help regulate smooth functioning of the digestive system, and thereby, help relieve constipation problems.


    • 100% Pure and Organic
    • Juiced from the whole fruit
    • No sugar-added
    • No preservatives
    • No coloring or flavouring


      PomeFresh juices remain the best value-for-money organic juices for you and your loved ones!



    • There are 101 reasons to have a glass of PomeFresh Organic juices regularly. Just read from reputable Websites and you will know that large number of studies have been done on this magic fruit in the 1 ~ 2 decades. Some of the benefits are:

        • Rich antioxidants said to be anti-aging – nourishing from within
        • Juice for the heart
        • Rich potassium to maintain better blood pressure
        • Best for man to care for prostate
        • Beneficial for digestive health


        ***Having said that, we must stress: This is not a cure or supplement for any condition but we believe a suitable diet contributes favourably towards better health and well-being.

        Food can play a positive role in maintaining one’s health and wellbeing, Why not enjoying healthier food regularly?

      • PomeFresh Plum juice has a sweet and slightly tart taste as we juice the entire fruits including its skin to lock in the most nutrients.

        You can drink a glass of about 250ml once or twice a day. You can drink it at any time of the day. We recommend to drink the juice at a similar time such as breakfast on regular basis.

        Due to its rich and natural nutrients, people may experience mild stomach discomfort when consuming this juice in the beginning. Most importantly, listen to your body and adapt slowly.

        As our juice is 100% pure, some may find the texture ‘very thick’. It is fine to mix it with water or add in ice before consuming.

      • Our juice is lightly pasteurized – no preservatives added. Thus, the juice will turn bad if it is left in room temperature for a prolonged period of time. Keep it refrigerated after opening and consume it within 4 days.

        Keep unopened bottles in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight. If the safety-cap is popped up, do not consume it.

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