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      PomeFresh “Immunity Booster Set “is a powerful supplement set that will give you a super charge of complex antioxidants.

      Just add one scoop of Greens powder into your morning drink, be it water, juice, coffee or tea.

      Olive Leaf complex capsule gives another level of booster to your immunity. Take 2 capsules a day and get a heavy dose of 90 mg of Oleuropein and the full spectrum of companion olive polyphenols.

      Package is good for 30-60 Days of Consumption

      有了宝鲜然“免疫力强力助推”套餐, 您只需要把一茶匙深绿粉加在水、果汁或者酸奶、茶、咖啡里,搅均匀即可饮用! 可以每天或者每两天饮用一次。

      而另一个从橄榄叶提取的抗氧化剂胶囊, 每天只需要服用2粒, 简单方便, 尤其适用于经常旅行的朋友。 



      Antibiotics plays a crucial role in giving humanity the quantum leap to recovery and lifespan making it the medicine of choice when one is sick. However, wouldn't it be better if we don’t fall sick in the first place?!

      Not falling sick at all could be an unrealistic expectation. However, reducing the frequency one falls sick or minimizing the severity of sickness is highly possible.

      The answer is to have a stronger immunity. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. We are born with different levels of immunity. Food, lifestyle choices, exercise and stress levels further impact our immunity levels. And, food is one of the factors that we can have better control of.

      Changing one’s diet pattern is not easy in a fast-paced city such as Singapore, especially being an undisputed food heaven!

      Fortunately, we discovered the concept of Lever Nutrients - nutrients which has a magnified effect even when little is ingested. In our definition, Lever Nutrients are Fibre, Omega-3, Antioxidants and Minerals from wholegrains.

      We recommend a practical method: that is to add a little leverage to your diet without making any drastic changes. Similar to the concept of lever in physics, this bit of force can make a big difference to your health.

      IMMUNITY BOOSTER SET is your leverage to achieve a big boost to your immunity with minimal effort.



      抗生素是大家再熟悉不过的了。 当我们被病菌感染,抗生素在许多情况下成了救星。 抗生素的发现和发展对人类健康和长寿的飞跃起到了关键性的作用。


      其实,这也是完全有可能的。达到这个目的的方法就是增强人体免疫力。 如何增强免疫力? 方法也是大家所熟悉的: 运动,饮食,生活习惯和减少压力。我们认为,饮食是一个人最能够予以控制和改变的因素。

      您肯定会说: 说起来容易,做起来难啊! 改变一个人的饮食习惯并不如想象的那么简单,尤其是在一个生活节奏超快又是美食天堂的新加坡。

      我们希望向您推荐的是一个可行的实用方法: 那就是在不强迫您做太多改变的情况下,轻轻松松在您的饮食习惯里加一点具有杠杆能力的营养成份。犹如物理学里的杠杆一样,这一点点用力,却能够带给健康很大改变。

      我们所说的杠杆就是抗氧化剂, 或者说是高含抗氧化物的食品。
      抗氧化物的核心功能就是帮助我们机体里的细胞不受损伤,或者帮助更快修复受伤的细胞。 细胞损伤和进而发生的变异是多种疾病的根基导因。 当我们摄取更多高含抗氧化物的食品, 我们的身体自然而然提高了其抵抗病变的能力,也就会更少生病; 即使生病了, 我们身体也能够更快、更轻松的战胜疾病。 这才是健康管理的上策: 预防使用治疗! 除了抗氧化物。 另几个具有杠杆能力的食品是Omega-3、膳食纤维 (Fibre) 和来自于完整谷物 (wholegrains) 的微量矿物质 (minerals)。

      “免疫力强力助推组合” 就是您预防疾病的利器!

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