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HUAZHOU MELT ORANGE & LICORICE - CLEAR THROAT TEA 化橘甘草化痰利咽茶 3X8 (3 Bags) - FREE Postal Delivery

老化橘甘草化痰利咽茶 (8)

Use one sachet for a big cup.  Pour freshly boiled water and cover the cup for 5 minutes before drinking.  May brew it multiple times.

  • DRIED MELT ORANGE【化州橘红】— A special orange cultivated in Guangdong; steamed and aged. Good for clearing phlegm and soothing sore throat.
  • LICORICE ROOT【甘草】— Sooth sore throat. Improve oral hygiene. Boost immunity.

There can be many causes to phlegm: cold and cough, lung issues, nose problems…you certainly need to seek the advice of a certified health professional to get to the root of the problem. However, phlegm may continue to persist even after medication. Phlegm is irritating and can affect quality of life adversely e.g. sleep. We are aware of the importance of quality sleep – enough hours and a good percentage in deep sleep state. Lingering phlegm make it difficult to have a prolonged period of deep sleep.

Huazhou Jue Hong is an orange grow in a small town not far from Shenzhen. This species of citrus, the soil composition coupled with the climate differentiate this orange from others including those in the nearby region. For centuries, the locals have devised a specific process to chard the orange as a potent herbal remedial. It is known as one of the most distinctive Cantonese Herbal Medicine.

If you have a persistent phlegm, temporarily or chronically, give this tea a try. Drink a few cups a day brewed from one tea bag. Let this tea relieve you and help you sleep better.

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