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HONEYSUCKLE ROSE - CALM & DE-STRESS TEA BAG 玫瑰银花提神安心茶 3X8 (3 Bags) - FREE Postal Delivery


玫瑰银花提神安心茶 (8)

  • HONEYSUCKLE【金银花】— Strong in antiviral effects. Disinfect and detoxifies. Dispel heat and improves immunity.
  • ROSE BUD【玫瑰花】— Boosting Qi and elevate mood.  Reduce mood swing and pain.

Use one sachet for a big cup.  Pour freshly boiled water and cover the cup for 5 minutes before drinking.  May brew it multiple times.

When you want to sit down and concentrate on something to get it done, this tea is a good company.  It gives you an uplift without making your excited like caffeine or energy drinks.  Pour and enjoy it quietly in peace.  

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