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 You can also swap pomegranate juice with one of the following:

  • Bilberry – tonic to maintain optimal vision and eye health
  • Mulberry – improve blood circulation and it is considered a tonic for hair
  • Cherry – best known for helping to reduce symptoms of arthritis and gout
  • Plum – helps digestion and more regular bowel movement

When order, please specify the juice you would like to change to using the "Note to PomeFresh" text box during check-out.  You may also send us an email with the Order Number and your instruction to  

Package is good for 20-30 Days of Consumption
套餐适用于约 20-30天食用


Let’s face it: lifetime risk for developing cancer in Singapore is approximately 1 for every 4-5 people.

Our genetic makeup, lifestyle and living environment all play a part in pushing us into the nightmare of having cancer or pulling us out of it. Everyone is exposed to the risk of cancer.

So how can I dodge this risk till the end of my life or delay its explosion?

The way to dodge cancer risk is to adopt an active lifestyle, destress and eat healthily. When it comes to eating healthier, one of the most prominent food which we recommend is flaxseed or its oil.

Over thousands of years that flaxseed has been cultivated, it has been put to a variety of health use. Modern science has further explained how regular consumption of flax can boost our ability to dodge the risks of cancer and other degenerative illnesses.

Medical sources have published clinical results concluding that flaxseeds can have a positive impact on one’s overall health and well-being. Flax’s plant-based Omega-3/6/9 oils, its lignan contents and other minerals all play a part in delivering its beneficial powers.

On the other hand, PomeFresh Pomegranate juice is juiced from the whole fruits to retain the most nutrients. Without adding any sugar, preservatives or coloring, our organic juice is the best in the market.

  • Nourishing the skin
  • Protect the heart
  • Strengthen the prostate
  • Stablise blood pressure

… these are some of the benefits cited by many reputable sources. 



被誉为“植物鱼油” 的亚麻油正迅速被接受为一个更安全,更廉价的高质量OMEGA-3来源。

除了含有丰富的OMEGA-3,亚麻籽(油)中还含有大量的木酚 素(Lignans),亚麻籽中所含 的木酚素是其它任何植物含量的100到800倍。木酚素是一种温和的植物雌激素,对于维持骨骼健康和减少更年期症状有明显益处。同时,木酚素也具有抗癌症、抗细菌、抗霉菌以及抗病毒等特质。一般的雌激素在高浓度时会促进肿瘤生长,但是亚麻木酚素可以平衡身体内的这种物质,抑制肿瘤生长。

亚麻籽(油)也含有较高量的纤维素, 而且包括水溶性纤维和非水溶性纤维,所以同时具有两者的功效。

古文献里已经有关于亚麻健康功能的记载。 现代医学研究更揭示了亚麻籽、油的特殊功效。

亚麻里的奥米加 3/6/9、木酚素、膳食纤维和各类矿物质, 共同为您的健康加油!

在这个健康配套里, 我们加了宝鲜然纯有机石榴汁。 我们的石榴汁不加糖、不加防腐剂和任何色素及香精。 天天喝一杯, 从外到内的呵护健康。


  • 越橘汁 – 减缓视力衰退、老化
  • 桑汁 – 促进血液循环,安神、 乌发;
  • 樱桃汁 – 减缓痛风和风湿带来的疼痛和不便;
  • 李子汁 – 帮助消化和通顺大便

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