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    We don’t just advocate healthier eating for healthy living. We encourage the enjoyment of life – live it to the fullness. A healthier living drives happier life. Happier life boosts healthier living.

    Wine is known to be the elixir for the heart. That’s because of the Polyphenols antioxidants in wines.

    Pomegranate has more powerful antioxidants and can deliver wider range of benefits – manage blood pressure, support prostate health and more.

    Our twin pack doubles your enjoyment and healthier living!

    红酒除了带给我们无可比拟的享受, 红酒也有其健康价值。很多人都说红酒有保护心脏的功效, 也能够减缓皮肤等老化情况。红酒的这些好处来自于其中的多酚。殊不知, 石榴含有更多、更丰富的多酚! 所以石榴成了饮品明星。

    我们把享受和健康加在一起, 给您一个无法拒绝的组合, 让您得到双倍的幸福之感。



    For wine lovers, wine is always at the centre of celebration and enjoyment. That’s why we bring to you even healthier wines – exotic, best-value organic wines from one of the oldest wine making region – Cyprus, an island at the corner of the famed Mediterranean Sea, cross the water from traditional wine making regions such as France and Italy.

    In fact, the earliest wine making in Cyprus can be traced to more than 5500 years ago, even earlier than that in Greece.

    Besides common prized gapes varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Cyprus possess some varieties which are not seen anywhere else, such as Xynisteri and Maratheftiko.

    Cyprus’ unique geolocation, climate and water structure made it an ideal place to make great wines. Unlike old- or new- world wines that are mostly made by large corporation in huge quantity, Cyprus wines are mostly made by families passing down the land, skills and trade for generations. This makes Cyprus wine even more traditional, unique and exotic.

    Taste it and you will have an unforgettable experience.  


    提起酒, 大家肯定首先会想到法国、意大利或者被称为“新世界”的澳大利亚或者智利。 说到塞浦路斯, 有些朋友可能一时还无法定位它在哪里, 更不用提塞浦路斯红酒啦。

    塞浦路斯是一个岛国, 地处于浩瀚地中海的东北角。 它的国土面积比新加坡略大, 超过一千平方公里, 人口却只有一百二十万 —— 不到新加坡的五分之一。 这个岛国多山、气候温暖宜人, 夏天不会酷热, 冬天不会严寒。 多山、湿润与干燥相间的气候造就了一个特别适用于葡萄生长的环境。其独特水质更加给酝酿好酒带来了契机。 实际上, 塞浦路斯拥有被认为是世界上最古老且仍然可以使用的井泉。 塞浦路斯的酿酒历史能够追溯到公元前5千多年。而现代意义上的红酒正是起源于地中海, 包括塞浦路斯地区。

    除了在地中海地区常见的如Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, 塞浦路斯还有独特的葡萄如Xynisteri和Maratheftiko。 独特的葡萄、别具风味的水和悠久的酿造历史, 给塞浦路斯红酒增添几份神秘。 只有品尝, 才能够真正领略到其意味。

    不同于传统或者新世界的大酒庄, 塞浦路斯的酒庄绝大多数是家族管理, 从种植、收摘、酿制到储藏都是小规模、传统方式和精益求精制作。 所以我们尤其欣赏来自于这个岛国的各类佳酿,尤其是有机红、白葡萄酒。

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