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Claudia Munch Sugar-Free Chocolate Drink Powder 120g

Chocolate is “comfort” food.  Hot chocolate is even more comforting!  The problem with chocolate drink is that it is too bit for many unless good amount of sugar is added.

We know sugar is not for everyone.  Actually, as more people become aware of the unhealthy reality of refined sugar, more people make conscious effort to avoid sugar.

Not to be deprived anymore with Claudia Munch Sugar-Free Pure Chocolate Drink.  It is sweetened by JustSweet – a 100% pure natural, zero calories sweetener made from Stevia. Equally important, JustSweet comes with prebiotic fibre – adding the power to digestive health.

Chocolate drink is also an idea replacement for coffee as it brings half or lesser amount of caffeine while provides similar “comfort”.


Take 2 tablespoon of Claudia Munch Chocolate drink powder, use 200ml of hot water to dissolve it fully; you can also use warm milk or a mixture of hot water and milk as you wish. 


Servings per pack:  12~20 based on 6~10g per serving.  

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