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CASSIA SEED WOLFBERRY - GOOD EYES TEA 枸杞决明子明目清心茶 (8) X 3 (3 Bags) - FREE Postal Delivery


  • 枸杞决明子明目清心茶 (8)

CASSIA SEEDS【决明子】— Reduce dryness and irritation in eyes. Protect vision due to long exposure to phones and computer screens.

WOLFBERRY【枸杞子】— High antioxidants. Anti-ageing and boost immunity.

Use one sachet for a big cup.  Pour freshly boiled water and cover the cup for 5 minutes before drinking.  May brew it multiple times.

As people are spending even longer time on electronic devices, our eyes get overloaded. Strained and dry eyes with blurred vision are common problems.

Drink our vision protection tea to protect your eyes. Concocted from two best known tonic for eyes at an optimal proportion and enjoy its exotic palatable taste.

Another issue often associated with prolonged screen time is back and neck pain. Drink this tea to help you: DANDELION ASTRAGALUS - RESTORE BALANCE TEA (蒲公英黄芪平衡养生茶), This tea when consumed regularly can counteract our prolonged sedentary life-style and alleviate back, waist and neck stiffness/pain.

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