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About Us

PomeFresh - Organic Food Delivery Singapore


PomeFresh (“Pour Me Fresh”, that’s right! That’s the origin of our company name) was started by the founder who was totally convinced by the importance of food and nutrition in health. He worked in the IT (Information Technology) industry for more than a decade before he started PomeFresh. As many may know, IT industry is one of the fastest changing industries and that characteristic translates into a fast paced lifestyle, constant pressure and stress. When he needed to re-look at his priority and health, as any man who has outgrown their youth and needs to take stock of his life, he was shocked by the many other things which have also gone up along with age itself: waistline, blood pressure, cholesterol level etc. They are not high to the extent that you need to seek medical treatment. But it would be foolish not to bother about it and continue to enjoy char kway teow or chicken rice as frequently. Soon, he realized that stopping or at least reducing his intake of oily, fried and other ‘bad food’ is not enough. It is more, or at least equally important to eat more ‘Good Food’.

What is good food?

In our view, Good Foods are foods that are close to nature. They come  from plants, seeds and nuts grown on non-polluted land, nourished by organic fertilizer, and free of pesticides and herbicides. The end products are not processed or just lightly processed so that its natural nutrients are still intact when consumers eat the food.

Whole Food, Whole Grain, Organic Food and truly natural food are foods that fall into our view of Good Food.

That’s the basis for us to choose, make and distribute a food product. We only sell Good Food.

Unfortunately, Good Food does not always appear as Fine food – polished to glamorous shinnies, extravagantly packaged, has the sweetest taste and has a long shelf life. Good Food often appears dull, turns bad more quickly and is hardly sweet. Why? Because they are more natural! Good Food is often more expensive as they are not as massively produced as conventional modern food.     

Singapore does not grow a single grain. But we are privileged to be able to source for good food around the world. We have one of the strictest quality and hygiene regulation authority to ensure that our factories churn out products under the most stringent safety control. We are proud to be able to deliver not only Good Food but also the Best Good Food to our patrons in Singapore and beyond.

Our mission is to build, sustain and expand our business by delivering quality Good Food that is delicious, nutritious, good for our body and does no harm to Mother Earth.