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AGROS Natural Mineral Water is 100% pure mineral water that is bottled at source and is different from tap, distilled and common mineral water.

AGROS Natural Mineral Water is neither artificially processed nor is there chemical added or used in the bottle so as to keep the natural characteristics of this pure mineral water. You are drinking pristine water from spring in the depth of the rocks filtered by nothing but mother earth.

AGROS water has a pH value of 8.1, which is significantly higher than most of the tap water, spring water, distilled water or other natural mineral water. This pH value is more alkaline than normal water and is known to promote the maintenance of a healthy body.

Mineral water – as the name stated clearly, container richer amount of minerals. Unlike vitamins, protein, fiber or even Omega-3, the importance of mineral to our body is much lesser known. Our body requires to maintain a delicate balance of a complex pack of minerals. Mineral water helps our body replenish health-critical minerals.

AGROS pure natural mineral is your valued choice for daily drinking water.



no processing. nothing added


The quality of mineral water is closely associated with geographical environment.

The source of the mineral water has to be in an area that has relatively active underground geophysical activities and not to the extent that makes the area unstable or water source being too volatile.

One may notice that the best rated mineral water has been mostly found around the Mediterranean region: from France and Italy. Many tropical regions do have water source in geophysical active areas but tropical water sources are often heavily influenced by rain water seeping into underground contaminated by organic matter.

AGROS Village stands on the hills of Troodos Mountains in the middle of Cyprus, the island country at the East Mediterranean Sea.

AGROS’ geo-location, climate and well protected environment gives its natural mineral water unique characteristics and taste.

AGROS water is bottled by Photiades Group, one of the largest beverage companies in Cyprus. The Group also operates in Greece and other European countries.

The bottling plant is certified under strict hygiene standards compliant to European Union rules. Cyrus is a full member of the European Union. The factory possess HACCA and FSSCcertificates.  



You can drink AGROS Natural Mineral Water any time of the day.

We do have a health tip to share: drink one glass (~250ml) of this pure natural mineral water first thing in the morning after wake-up. You can drink it straight or add a slice of fresh lemon. However, we strongly discourage drinking any chilled water first thing in the morning. Adding ice to water and drink first in the morning is prohibited in our view.

You can enjoy AGROS Natural Mineral Water at room temperature, chilled or iced throughout a day.

It is debatable to determine how much one should drink. The most common cited number is 8X8 – 8oz (~240ml) a glass and drink 8 glasses a day. However, we do not think that this should be a hard rule for everyone to follow.

As we do ingest water through other means, this makes measurement more complicated than we think.

We do not believe in artificially setting a target. The real gauge is: drink more when you feel dehydrated.

There is a real problem though: due to the sedentary lifestyle more people have today, we tend not to feel dehydrated even if we are. The solution is simple: drink a bit more than what you think you should drink.

Water intake should be spread throughout the day instead of pumping yourself a liter at night.

If you can drink pure natural mineral water and nothing else, that’s good. In our view, you should have ΒΌ of the water intake as natural mineral water. In doing so, you set yourself up on a more guaranteed path of adequate amount of mineral nutrients.

In tropical Singapore, ice cold water probably most loved. If you observe what people order in a typical restaurants, more people drink ice cold water or juice than room temperature water or hot beverages.

On one hand, mainstream medical science says that there is no evidence shows ice cold water is not good for health. But we do see evidence that ice cold water induces certain symptoms such as migraine.

On the other hand, traditional wisdom such as TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and Ayurvedic (Traditional Indian Medicine) do suggest that people should not drink ice cold water as it taxes the body and can throw the body into more imbalance.

We are in the view that drinking too much ice-cold water is not recommended.   



Just like your other fresh produces, store in dry and cool place. Never leave your pure natural mineral water under direct sun light. Refrigeration of unopened bottle is not necessary.

Refrigerate unconsumed water once bottle is opened and consume it within 4 to 6 days