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WHITE PORIA & SPINA DATE SEED - ZOOM INTO DREAMLAND TEA 酸枣仁茯苓酣然深梦茶 (8)X3 (3 Bags) - FREE Postal Delivery



酸枣仁茯苓酣然深梦茶  ((8)

SPINA DATES SEED【酸枣仁】— Excellent calming effects. Nourish internal systems.
WHITE PORIA【茯苓】— Restore overall balance and reduce fatigue.
Use one sachet for a big cup. Pour freshly boiled water and cover the cup for 5 minutes before drinking. May brew it multiple times.

Sleep is important – in terms of both quality and quantity! In fact, not sleeping properly can be detrimental on long term health.

You may be familiar with the problem of waking up frequently at night and then not being able to go back to dreamland again.

This tea is formulated to extend a helping hand to people who face such sleeping issues.

Drink it 2-3 hours before your target sleeping time. Drink 1-2 cups. Use freshly boiled water for the first brew and brew it for at least 5 minutes. Use the same tea bag for the second brew. Do not consume more than 3 cups. Remember to empty your bladder before sleep.

Practice good sleeping habits too – stop using all electronic devices screens – mobile, tablet, TV…listen to some soothing light music or other recorded natural sound. Relax and get ready to enjoy a long and deep sleep. ZZZZZZZZ

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