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Kaffir Lime Leaves - Immunity Booster Tea 大叶青柠抗氧免疫茶 (8) X 3 (3 Bags) - FREE Postal Delivery


大叶青柠抗氧免疫茶 (8)

INDIGOWOAD LEAF【大青叶】— Clear toxin and heat in body. High antioxidants.

KAFFIR LIME LEAF【青柠叶】— Unique aroma and high antioxidants. Calming and de-stressing. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

Use one sachet for a big cup.  Pour freshly boiled water and cover the cup for 5 minutes before drinking.  May brew it multiple times.

It is a well-established fact that food & nutrition, life-style and environment can impact one’s immunity. Among these factors, food is one that we have the best control. You can decide what to eat for your next meal. Fresh leafy vegetables, fruits and nuts, wholegrains…all of these have a positive impact on our immunity.

INDIGOWOAD LEAF & KAFFIR LIME LEAF is the tea to drink for better immunity. This tea is non-caffeine and chockful with antioxidants and minerals. Being non-caffeine, this tea can be consumed the whole day. Drink this tea regularly to boost your immunity to a higher level.

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