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Herbal & Tea

【PERFECT FOR HOT/COLD BEVERAGES】JustSweet Premium Prebiotic Stevia Sweetener 50 sachets X 3 | Free Zipper Pouch | With Prebiotic Fiber | Sugar Free | Suitable for Diabetes | 100% Natural

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  • Perfect for hot/cold beverages
  • Suitable for anything you use sugar for;
  • Coffee, tea, any beverages
  • An innovative Norwegian formulation based on Stevia extract in Brazil 
  • Individually packed 
  • Use one sachet to attain sweetness equivalent to two (2) teaspoons of white sugar

JustSweet Premium High Intensity Natural Sweetener is different from other sweeteners:

  • it is 100% pure natural
  • it has no bitter after-taste
  • it gives consistent taste when the beverage is hot or cold
  • it comes with prebiotic fibre

JustSweet is suitable for Type-2 Diabetes or people who are concerned about white sugar intake.  Its zero calories sweetness makes it ideal for bodyweight management too.


If you are doing baking and want to have sweetness without the harmfulness of white sugar, you can use JustSweet's JustSweet Premium High Intensity Natural Sweetener 100g Doypack, which uses the same ingredients as our convenient sachet-based product.

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