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DANDELION ASTRAGALUS - RESTORE BALANCE TEA - Family Pack 蒲公英黄芪平衡养生茶 (12)X2 (2 Bags) - FREE Postal Delivery


蒲公英黄芪平衡养生茶 (12)

ASTRAGALUS ROOTS【黄芪】— Boost immunity and heart health.  Keep blood sugar level in check and nourish the kidney.  Reduce fatigue..
DANDELION【蒲公英】— Restores overall balance within.  Detox the liver and checks cholesterol.


Use one sachet for a TEA POT (~800ml).  Pour freshly boiled water and cover the cup for 8 minutes before drinking.  May brew it multiple times.

This tea is concocted based on the  TCM theory of Inner Balance - different organs of the internal system work together in harmony.  When our body is in the balanced state, we will be healthy, full of energy and be happy. 

If one feels occasional or constant fatigue, back or waist pain, weak legs, stiffed neck and heavy head, this tea is for you. Give it a try and drink it regularly to experience the difference.  With one tea bag, you can drink through out the day.  One tea bag is good for multiple brews.  Adults, elderly even teenage all can enjoy it.  For teens, please drink it more diluted. Suitable for both man and woman.  Not recommended for children below 12. 

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