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There is no vaccine or high efficacy treatment for this evil yet.  However, we can’t simply sit around and do nothing.

Many reports have emerged from China on the positive effects that TCM can have in the fight against Covid-19.  Just as other potential treatments, it is correct to be sceptical about such claims. 

However, we also know that tens of centuries ago, TCM had already recorded formulations for fighting plague or pandemic.  Unlike modern medicine whereby the goal is to kill the viruses, TCM aims to strengthen the whole-body system and let the body does the job in clearing the viruses.

We are convinced that boosting our body immunity is the most important preparation everyone should do while doing our best not to catch the virus – through social distancing, disinfection via sanitizers and face masks.

This is the reason we have created this new section in our online shop.

We are not in the business of selling masks and sanitizers.  However, we realized that our neighbouring residences need them, especially the elderly.  We worked very hard to source for reasonably priced supplies and we have been providing these items in our retail shop which we just set-up in Feb 2020. 

As the pandemic crisis deepens, we feel the obligation to bring these items to our online customers too.

These TCM products recipes are recommended by a TCM professor who works in one of the top hospitals in Hubei.  That city has the lowest mortality rate among all cities in the province.  We believe that these tea formulations are helpful in strengthening our body and improving immunity.  

Like most businesses, ours is facing the most challenging time as well.  We hope that more consumers will order from our website and give us a chance to survive.  We have significantly expanded our online offerings.  You will give us repeated order only if you are satisfied with our products and services.  We aim to achieve that.